Code of Conduct

Last Updated: 28 February 2021


Any employee joining Yash Impacts at any of its brands have to follow these rules & policies.

We have laid down certain cases and their rule explanations.

  • Leave Case

  1. If any employee wants leave then they have to contact their shift
  2. Information of a leave for General Cases has to be given atleast 4 days before the date of leave/leaves. Leave for Specified reasons can be given according to case:
    1. Specified reasons – Marriage (Self or Real brother/sister), Death, Sickness and Accident only these cases will be considered Specified Reason
    2. General Reasons – Marriage of relative or in relation (cousin sister/brother, Uncle etc.,) family function, college related problem or work, examinations, etc. All other reasons that do not fall under the specified reasons head will be treated as General Reasons
  3. Unplanned LeaveIn case of UNPLANNED LEAVE e. leave without information 1 more day’s salary of the employee will be deducted.
  4. Planned LeaveIn case of PLANNED LEAVE e. leave after giving proper information, only that day’s salary will be deducted if it is not compensated for


  1. In the case when information is given for a leave the organization reserves the right of SANCTIONING or NON-SANCTIONING of the leave.

NON-SANCTIONING of leave can be done on the bases of following

  1. In case of NON-SANCTIONING or NON APPROVAL of leave the employee is to be informed of the NON-SANCTIONING and if the executive still takes leave it is to be treated as UNPLANNED LEAVE
  2. Employees should follow their schedules. We can make exceptions for occasions that prevent employees from following standard working hours or days. But, generally, we expect employees to be punctual when coming to and leaving from the workplace.


  • Half-Day Case

In case of half day half salary of that day will be deducted, half day will be marked in the following cases

  1. In case the login time of any employee is found short than 8hrs
  2. In case the login time of any employee is found short than 7hrs 30mins and they are unable to compensate the said amount of time by OT or leaving break
  3. In case any executive is found in violation of the company policies and code of conduct


  • Abscond& ATL (Asked To Leave)

> Abscond- In case, if any employee takes more than 5 consecutive leaves without information then that employee will be deemed absconded and no rejoining will be offered for a period of 3 months, also the salary will be put on hold until re-joining.

> ATL (Asked To Leave)-In case an employee is not deemed fit for the organization then the employee can be ATL, some cases for ATL are as follows:

  • Repeated or Extreme Misbehavior with other employees (Senior Staff or Agent)
  • Physical Assault
  • Extreme Verbal (Abusive Language) or Mental assault
  • Repeated Default Or violation of rules even after warning
  • Repeated Default in case of Leave or Unplanned Leave
  • Coming to Office Drunk or after Extreme kind of drug abuse
  • Any kind of misbehaving or negative attitude with outlet customers
  • Repeated cases of Threatening acts or language towards job or Other Employees
  • Repeated case of problem for the organization due to employee
  • Issue of More than 3 warning letters
  • Any Other reasons deemed fit to the Project Manager or Senior Staff after Discussion
  • If any employee is caught taking any type of commission for the purchase or reorder of any material than organization will take necessary action against him/her as per


  1. ATL can be given either after discussion and warning signing or directly according to the severity of the case and actions in question
  2. The Rules and Reasons for ATL are Subject To change only after discussion and only after the approval of MD and as may be deemed fit for the Organization by MD.
  3. In case of ATL No rejoining will be offered Without the Consent of the MD.


  • Resignation

If any employee wants to resign then in that case they have to serve a 15 day notice period otherwise their salary will not be released.

Any disputes limited to local Jurisdiction only.


  • Outlet Staff Entry Policies

  1. Presentable, Proper shaved or beard and hair.
  2. All employees must show integrity and professionalism in the workplace.
  3. All employees must follow our dress code and personal appearance guidelines.
  4. All employees should read and follow our company policies. If they have any questions, they should ask their managers or Human Resources (HR).


  • Disciplinary Actions

Our Company may have to take disciplinary action against employees who repeatedly or intentionally fail to follow our code of conduct. Disciplinary actions will vary depending on the violation.


  • Woman Safety Rules

We at Yash Impacts take Woman Safety & Dignity very seriously. All the female staff are protected by Special Woman Safety Policy at our Outlets & Offices.


  • Lock-in Period

Any new employee joining Yash Impacts has to follow a no-resign lock-in period of at least 6 months upon Job confirmation from the HR Department. Also, this does not mean that company can’t terminate the employment of this employee if he/she is found violating the code of conduct or any HR policy. Yash Impacts reserves the right to terminate the employment of any employee even during the lock-in period if found violating the code of conduct or HR Policies.


  • Covid-19 Guidelines

All the employees are strictly advised to follow the Government guidelines for Workplace.

Some Mandatory Measures to prevent spread of Covid 19 are as follows:

  1. Masks are mandatory to wear at all the times.
  2. Frequent use of Hand Sanitizers.
  3. Hand Gloves are recommended to use as per concerned department guidelines.


  1. If any employee has recently came in contact with any Covid 19 active patient has to report it to the earliest to the outlet. Failure to do so will attract a fine of 5000 INR + Suspension of Job.
  2. If employee has been detected Covid RT-PCR positive, he/she has to report it to the outlet at the earliest. Failure to do so will attract a fine of 15000 INR + Suspension of Job.


  • Important Note to Senior Staff

Messages of the following Information’s are to be flashed on Official WhatsApp Group by the shift Supervisor.


  1. Unplanned Leaves (Emp. Name, Date and shift)
  2. Planned leave (Emp. Names , Date, shift and reason)
  3. Late comers and early goers and their time of entry or exit respectively
  4. Dress code policy
  5. Every Days Strength


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